Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Texas Automotive Public sale Pointers

Living in Dallas, TX, I am right in the midst of vehicle auction mania. I am all the time surprised at how briefly the automobiles go during the auto auction and are shipped to wherever their destination is. Many times, when other folks business in a vehicle, the dealership does not keep that specific automobile on their lots. They Texas Automotive often occasions will sell that car to an vehicle auction to be resold to other dealerships or individuals. In fact, an auto public sale is the place a substantial amount of used automotive dealerships get their inventory from.

There are other varieties of Texas Automotive auctions that you’ll be able to try. The only I did worked over the internet. It was once in reality a sexy easy system. The way in which that it labored was that, after signing up for an account, I was hooked up to Texas automotive auctions all over. I may just bid on automobiles, see all the related details about them, and even select custom features like sunroofs and power steering. By Texas Automotive the time I had picked it up from the warehouse, I had saved something like 3,000 greenbacks over the associated fee that I would have paid to buy the same automotive locally. All Texas Automotive in all, no longer too unhealthy a deal, if you’re willing to stay up for a couple of months.

About Type Automotive Autions on Texas Automotive

In fact, the more not unusual type of automotive auctions maintain all varieties of cars. You’ll be able to cross to police auctions, sales via the IRS, and even by means of personal monetary corporations. How it works is that automobiles, seized from people who had been both convicted of a criminal offense, fell behind on a few kind of fee agenda, are resold by the federal government or personal monetary industries. You’ll get Texas Automotive at these sales for a fragment of the price of the type of automotive auctions I used to be speaking approximately, but after all there is a business off. As a result of they’re cars that have been seized, you do not get to find out anything about the state of the automobile, or what harm would possibly were done to it earlier than the sale.

The vast majority of the vehicles that I see every day which might be at the Texas automobile public sale, are incredibly modern cars. There might be rows of the exact same style and color of a specific car but a minimum of I do know what cars are in demand. The Texas Automotive auto auction has a very good reputation because of their picky nature. They do not acquire automobiles just for the sake of it. They purchase automobiles which can be one of the best and popular. If I have been a dealer, I’d be filling my lots with automobiles from the car public sale – certainly approximately it on Texas Automotive.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


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engine oil testing

The friction-fighting properties of synthetic lubricants have been well established by now. Second only to making sure you change your oil at regular intervals is the need for a high-quality synthetic oil. Even if we disregard the performance benefits offered by the reduced friction, the improved lubrication and protection from thermal breakdown are reason enough to step up to the cost of synthetic lubricants. Not filling the crankcase with synthetics can be likened to running your turbo engine on low-octane fuel. Under most conditions, your boosted engine will tolerate the cheap stuff, but when you really need it most, the lesser octane can subject your turbo engine to deadly detonation. While the oiling situation likely won't be as dramatic, it is possible to spin a beLinkaring or two under the heat of battle using conventional oil. Sure, synthetic oil is slightly more expensive, but a portion of the added cost can be recouped by lengthening oil change intervals since synthetics are less susceptible to contamination. But even if you do choose to schedule your changes every 3,000 miles, doesn't your performance engine deserve the good stuff?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

engine oil treatment

Until new additive technology came along to reduce oil burning, oil leaks, valve tap, power loss, and fuel waste problems, the remedy took a $3000+ repair to do the fix.

--- Not anymore, thanks to what I call my Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment.

Before I tell you how this mechanic-in-a-can product stops those problems, let explain what causes them.

Oil burning is caused by stuck-closed and sticky piston rings, piston wear, valves stem wear, and valve stem seal wear.

Those conditions makes it easy for engine oil to be sucked into the combustion cycle. Over time, the motors oil level drops two to four quarts of oil, as a result of this "siphoning off" of your motors oil.

Other negative problems begin. The first of which is that much more combustion can slip pass stuck or sticky piston rings - and worn pistons, leaving less combustion amounts to push the piston down. It takes more fuel burning to make up for this loss - and this lower fuel economy averages.

That escaped combustion - slips pass the pistons and drenches the lower park of the motor, and its oil with hundreds of degrees hot, acid-loaded combustion gases.

This creates massive amounts of oil-breakdown sludge. That starts valve taps and worn engine sounds. Excessive wear begins. The blackest oil you ever seen shows up on your dip stick. Seals dri-out, causing oil leaks all over your underside, and driveway.

The Mega Power Worn Motor OIl Change begins a week earlier, to start undoing the causes of oil consumption problems. That is when 3 of the six products are installed. One in the fuel tank, one into the air intake/vacuum side, and one is added to the oil. Driving helps the chemical process during the week.

The motor will begin to run great again, and oil burning will subside as the rings, valves, and sludge is removed.

A week later, the 3 remaining products are use just before and after the oil change.

By inventive use of different cleaners, penetrating oils, friction modifiers, oil stabilizers, and coating additives, the motor will chemically be "overhauled out of a can!

These 6 different products in the "kit," costing about the same price as that of a good oil change, makes any high mileage, older motor run like near-brand-new in less than an hour. Then stay that way indefinitely, with minor touch-ups at each oil change. The oil will now stay clean up to 6000 miles. Oil consumption will be minimal again. I have this method in my older vehicles, enjoying trouble-free driving, for an extra 50,000 -100,000 miles.